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The total distance from Hyderabad to Sannati temple is 231 kms. The road is excellent for drive. If we travel non-stop we can reach in 3.5 to 4 hours. Only last 2 to 4 kms streach (before reaching temple) is not so good.


The point wise distance is:


Name of Locations Distance

 Hyderabad to Chevella

 50 kms

 Chevella to Parigi

 38 kms

 Parigi to Korangal

 30 kms ( Hyderabad to  Korangal is in A.P. state)

 Korangal to A.P./Karnataka border-

 23 kms

 A.P. /Karnataka border to Gurmitkal

 19 kms

 Gurmitkal to Yadgir-

 40 kms

 Yadgir to Sannati temple-

 31 kms

 Total Hyderabad to Sannati Temple -

 231 kms

Reaching Yadgir is easy as per the directions given above. For getting out from Hyderabad you have to ask for Artillary centre (Golkonda) route which leads to Chevella-Parigi route.

At Yadgir we have to reach Subhas Chowk and ask for Wadi road. After travelling 11 kms on Wadi road there is a left turn. Take left turn and continue to travel on the road for 5 kms where you will cross a main railway line (double line). From this point the road goes through 2 villages and you have to ask for direction of Sannati temple. The last 20 kms is single road but motorable by car/jeep.

I trust that this information will be useful for devotees who wish to travel from Hyderabad to Shree Chandralamba temple.

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